Rowan County Democratic Endorsements

The Rowan County Democratic Party proudly and enthusiastically endorses and supports our fellow Democrats listed below who are running for local town and city councils here in Rowan County. These candidates have shown through their years of tireless work in our communities advocating for our shared community values their commitment to forwarding progressive causes locally, including: 

  • Quality, public education for all children;
  • Safe and affordable housing;
  • Sustainable economic development;
  • Livable wages;
  • Quality, accessible healthcare for everyone; and 
  • The preservation and protection of our environment and atmosphere;
  • Protection of Voter rights;
  • Fair election districts;
  • Responsible, transparent government; and
  • Economic and social equality.

China Grove Town Council
Arthur L. Heggins
East Spencer Mayor
Barbara Mallett
East Spencer Aldermen
Dwayne Holmes
Shawn Rush
Albert Smith II
Kannapolis City Council
Jeanne Dixon
Salisbury Mayor
Al Heggins
Salisbury City Council
Tamara Sheffield
Anthony Smith
Spencer Mayor
Jonathon D.Williams    
Spencer Aldermen
Steve Miller
Patricia “Patti” Secreast
Pat Sledge

July 10 Breakfast on Education in NC

Do you remember the Aesop Fable about the Alligator and the Frog? The frog wanted to find a way across the river but was terrified of the river snakes.  Then along came an alligator who offered him a ride on his tail and convinced the frog his intentions were good.  The frog hesitated, but eventually went along with the alligator. 
We all know what happened to the frog.

In this case, the frog is the North Carolina School System, now on the back of an alligator, Senator Phil Berger.

On Saturday, July 10th, Dr. Jen Mangrum will discuss the fate of North Carolina’s public schools under the leadership of NC’s most powerful alligator.  Understanding the plan can help us change the outcome for our students, families, and communities. 

You can register for the event here.

If you can’t attend but want to donate to your local Democratic Party, you can do that here.
Dr. Jen Mangrum is a former elementary classroom teacher for over a decade and is currently an Associate Professor at UNC-Greensboro where she teaches, advises and coordinates teacher education programs.
In 2018, Jen ran for NC Senate against Senator Phil Berger and in 2020, Jen was the Democratic nominee for NC State Superintendent of Public Instruction. She is a champion for public schools and calls for a great teacher in every classroom, a great principal in every school and proper funding for public schools to meet the needs of North Carolina’s diverse population.
What: July Breakfast
When: 10am. Saturday, July 10, 2021
Where: Zoom (Register Here)
Rowan Dems donations: Here

Breakfast with Patricia Sledge Saturday, June 12

Join us in June as we welcome Spencer Town Board member Patricia Sledge, who will talk about serving in local government and how you can get involved in your municipality.

Registration is required to attend. Register here today and the Zoom log-in info will be emailed to you automatically (check your spam or “promotions” folder).

After you register, you will be taken to the county party’s donation page. Please be sure to give a donation online, it’s how we keep these meetings going and fund our organizing efforts throughout the county!

If you can’t attend, but would still like to donate, you can do so here:

What: June Breakfast
When: 10am. Saturday, June 12, 2021
Where: Zoom (Register Here)

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