Rowan Dem Breakfast Saturday with Judge Lucy Inman

Come join your fellow Rowan Democrats this Saturday, January 8, for our monthly virtual breakfast!

Every Second Saturday of the month we come together to talk about what’s going on in our local community and what we can do to make our community a better place for everyone.

This month we are pleased to have joining us Judge Lucy Inman, who is running for the NC Supreme Court.

So if you have something that you want to bring up with your fellow Democrats, come and join us this Saturday starting at 10 AM. Registration is here:

You can also now catch up on all our breakfast gatherings on our Youtube channel:

Registration is required to attend. Register here today and the Zoom log-in info will be emailed to you automatically (check your spam or “promotions” folder).

After you register, you will be taken to the county party’s donation page. Please be sure to give a donation online, it’s how we keep these meetings going and fund our organizing efforts throughout the county!

If you can’t attend, but would still like to donate, you can do so here:

breakfast, this Saturday, with Dr. Aimy Steele,  Executive Director of the New North Carolina Project

Register here for 10am breakfast, this Saturday, with Dr. Aimy Steele.

Dr. Steele, our featured speaker, is a community activist, organizer, and Executive Director of the New North Carolina Project. 

This will be an engaging, empowering, important breakfast with fellow Democrats.

The New North Carolina Project’s mission is to make politics represent the needs of North Carolinians by investing in communities of color, expanding the engaged electorate and creating #VotersForever.

Dr. Steele is a former candidate for NC House District 82 both in 2018 and 2020. Utilizing her extensive K-12 public school operation experience, she began The New North Carolina Project in an effort to increase the electorate and turnout in traditionally Black and Brown communities. Aimy has a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish & K-12 Education, a Master’s in School Administration, and a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction. She resides in Concord, NC with her husband of 22 years, Michael, and their 5 children.

Register now and mark you calendar.

Rowan County Democratic Endorsements

The Rowan County Democratic Party proudly and enthusiastically endorses and supports our fellow Democrats listed below who are running for local town and city councils here in Rowan County. These candidates have shown through their years of tireless work in our communities advocating for our shared community values their commitment to forwarding progressive causes locally, including: 

  • Quality, public education for all children;
  • Safe and affordable housing;
  • Sustainable economic development;
  • Livable wages;
  • Quality, accessible healthcare for everyone; and 
  • The preservation and protection of our environment and atmosphere;
  • Protection of Voter rights;
  • Fair election districts;
  • Responsible, transparent government; and
  • Economic and social equality.

China Grove Town Council
Arthur L. Heggins
East Spencer Mayor
Barbara Mallett
East Spencer Aldermen
Dwayne Holmes
Shawn Rush
Albert Smith II
Kannapolis City Council
Jeanne Dixon
Salisbury Mayor
Al Heggins
Salisbury City Council
Tamara Sheffield
Anthony Smith
Spencer Mayor
Jonathon D.Williams    
Spencer Aldermen
Steve Miller
Patricia “Patti” Secreast
Pat Sledge

Officers elected at County Convention

The Rowan County Democratic Party Convention was held on Saturday, April 10 on Zoom! Zoom means “fast” and after welcoming the 64 participants from across the county including 16 organized precincts, we got to work!

We re-elected our Chair and Vice-Chairs, Geoffrey Hoy and Chariel Dye, and Dianne Sartiano as secretary. Shawn Rush was elected 2nd Vice-Chair, Mary Ducksworth 3rd Vice-Chair, and Linda Perdue treasurer. 

For delegates to the North Carolina Democratic Party State Executive Committee, George El-Khouri, Shawn Rush, Pat Sledge and Chariel Dye were elected. Chair Hoy is a member ex officio. We also approved sending 72 delegates to the District 13 Convention in May.

Issues were also addressed by passing two resolutions brought forward by the Spencer precinct. 

Ed Hull presented a resolution asking for support of the Commission to study Reparation Proposals for African Americans – H.R. 40. 

Rosalind Kotz presented a resolution regarding voter suppression. 

Both passed and will be sent on to the District 13 Convention.

We received greetings from Dr. Bobbie Richardson, state party chair, Governor Roy Cooper, and Secretary of State Elaine Marshall.

Click here to meet our new officers!

Be a Vaccine soldier. You’ll Make a huge difference.

Dear Friends,

The COVID-19 vaccine is the vital ingredient in the recipe for our country’s progress.

It’s bigger than any individual. It’s a community effort. Getting a shot is a patriotic act.

At this point, the vaccine is available for all Americans age 16 and over.

That’s a lot of people. It’s a massive effort — and you can be a soldier in this effort.

The Rowan County Health Department needs volunteers to sign up and work shifts at the West End Plaza on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Each vaccine impacts not only the person being vaccinated, but each person he or she lives with, works with, or comes in contact with. Just as the vaccine spread was exponential, the vaccine impact is also exponential. 

We’ve worked hard learning how to minimize exposure with social distancing, mask wearing, and closures of indoor public spaces. This is the opportunity to move in the opposite direction and give people the freedom to be with each other again.

Various shifts are available each day. Volunteers are needed now.

Sign up here.

Thank you for your incredible generosity, making a huge difference for many people you will never even know.

Geoffrey Hoy, Rowan County Chair

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